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A premier outdoor lighting company in the Cedar Rapids area.

We strive to bring the beauty of your home to life after dark and enhance your outdoor oasis. As a dedicated landscape company, we challenge ourselves to put our energy into creativity and design concepts to best fit your lifestyle.

Why Landscape Lighting?


Lighting allows for a more safe environment. Providing a soft light on your patio, steps and walkways creates a sense of ease for you and your guest walking to and from your home.


Uplighting surrounding your home limits the amount of dark spots that can be potential hazards or inviting to criminals. Nightscape lighting also offers the security of being able to see your home as you arrive after dark allowing you comfort with your surroundings.


Nightscape lighting allows you to showcase your home, enhancing the architectural and landscape features to enjoy day and night.

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Our Values

As one of the few true landscaping companies in Eastern Iowa we utilize hand drawn designs to really think through each product. We put our energy into creativity and design concepts to best fit your needs and wants.

Bring Your Ideas to Life 

Capture the magnificent beauty of your home.


During our work we helped dozens of businesses as well as private entrepreneurs. We’ve made a great job and our satisfied clients regularly share their opinion about us. Go ahead and check our recent testimonials!

“I had some problems with my business and I needed qualified help to do some marketing research. I used Premium Service and didn’t regret! Anti-crisis experts showed me some directions of my business development. Thank you for being so professional!
Thomas Winter
Founder & CEO
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Steve Jefferson
Shop Owner

Increase the safety, security and beauty of your home.